Piccolo Made in Italy is a (really cool) kid’s fashion e-shop (from 3 months to 8 years old) .

(Not sure about it being really cool? It really is. Just take a look!)

Our sweet mascot entertains the kids thanks to fantastic stories from across Italy. Get a real taste of all things Italian, from Puglia in the Southern heel of the boot, to the Northern Dolomites mountains, via Rome and Tuscany!

Just download. It’s really easy peasy.


 Piccolo in print

Timeless creations and beautiful fabrics. Each unique piece is created by the (magical) fingers of Italian artisans.


Incredible outfits already beautifully put together - handy for mums and (super) special as a gift.


Our packaging is (extremely) smart with a vintage look. It’s not just packaging actually, it’s an adorable suitcase for stylish storage!

The mini-suitcase

Quick, (extra) secure online shopping. Super swift delivery (really - seriously).

Secure payment

Proper customer service. But, more than that – service that comes to your doorstep.

 Service Allo Piccolo et Allo Piccolo Service and Piccolo At Home Service

A talented team working with us every day to make sure it all works like clockwork.

Friends of Piccolo

It’s a fun shopping experience for kids, big and small.

Think we might be exaggerating (a little)? We might be. But that’s ok. It’s our Italian side!